High And Low Titties


Titties For Pinching

The clothespins are ready to pinch these titties!

Christie Stevens tied up and about to get her nipples pinched severely

It’s Christie Stevens at Hogtied.

Bruised Titties

It’s too over-the-top into BDSM land for Titty Blog, but this tumblr photo shows a pair of enhanced titties (you can see one of the scars) that have been pierced with heavy-gauge (and heavy!) rings and which are showing rather a lot of bruising. The overall impression is of a self-satisfied BDSM practitioner showing off, but of course your impressions may vary.

Pregnancy Tits Are Awesome


From Knocked Up Peaches.

Washing Her Titties

She gives her titties some extra special slow scrubbing in this beach shower photoset at ErosBlog:

boob washing at the beach