Flashing Her Titties

Some women just love to flash their titties. It is known. It is good. We love them.

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There’s an erotic story called Good Girls Get Their Tits Out On Command, by Tamsin Flowers. Zoey has a new boyfriend. He’s… stern with her. And she likes it. He makes her do the things she wants to do anyway, like a good stern boyfriend does:

They walk along to a small bridge and watch the cars going past. Zoey rests her head on Roman’s shoulder, and he stiffens.

“Flash”, he simply says. Zoey glances up at him, about to protest but she chooses to listen instead of being defiant. She turns her head towards the road and gently lifts up her shirt, flashing everyone below her gorgeous full breasts. She stays like that for a few moments, horns blare and lights flash, she takes it all in before lowering her top and gasping for air.

Later, after sex, he makes her flash the entire city from their hotel room. And then he takes her to a nice restaurant, where… you guessed it!

At least that time, some nice old men send an expensive bottle of wine to her table as a token of their deepest appreciation.

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Weighing Her Titties

how much do those boobs weigh

Prick The Nipple

That’s gotta feel some kind of way:

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Chompy Nipple Jewelry

nipple rings with teeth

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